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Hey we’re Out of Work. We’re two friends from Paris who fresh out of high school were supposed to go to college. But we moved into a recording studio in Paris and decided instead to take a year off…  And we got carried away for a while. But we made an album out of it. It’s called “Under the Lights” and it’s about getting lost and finding oneself again, or maybe finding oneself for the first time in our lives…all in one night. Honestly, it’s been one hell of a ride, we released three singles, made a music video, and played all of it live at La Bellevilloise. Go have a listen! 

There’s a lot of new stuff coming up, so give us a follow as well if you want to stay in the loop. 

Thanks so much for listening or simply checking us out,


Louis Stephens & Maxys Turk, both Out of Work

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